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Everything that exists and grows has its ROOTS. What does this mean to a designer or individual?
ROOTS are shared, yet particular and individual. Plants have roots, tribes and groups have certain roots. Yet, what exactly are roots? ROOTS as a concept is connected to many different levels of (more than) human activity. The social, the spiritual and the structural for instance. In our ever-changing world, understanding their influence can become a catalyst for recognizing one’s own position between the past, present and the futures.
ROOTS is a block-long project with third-year graphic design students from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. They developed new works in various formats, with diverse narratives, all presented in a collective exhibition. By researching, modifying, and reflecting on their own roots, they are testing the capacity of the term itself and visualizing its implications on our lives.

ROOTS is a result of Image and Philosophy classes guided by tutors Katrin Korfmann and ​​Maarten Cornel. © 2022